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What We Offer

We are different than any other RFID cashless payment provider

Sell tickets to your event with our platform, and seamlessly integrate RFID cashless payments as well as security and access control into your event.

Yes that's right, sign up completely free, no credit card required. Only a flat 25 cent per transaction charged, saving you thousands.

Why put that burden on your customers? Pre-loading makes customers think they've already spent the money, causing them to spend less. RFIDify makes charges in real-time as they happen.

Share your event with vendors, allowing them to accept your registered users and get their funds paid directly to them. Perfect for carnivals, fairs, craft shows, trade shows, and any multi-tenant based event.

Our state of the art software is built cloud first, all in Amazon Web Services (AWS) serverless technology. It automatically scales up and down as demand is needed. Never worry about scalability with our software.

Save transaction costs by aggregating charges into 1 finalized charge. Optionally you can still set it to finalize each individual charge as they happen.

Use our built in free point of sale software. Add your products, collect tax, and much more. Built for touch screens, collect RFID payments, cash, and card.

With our Android and iOS apps, you can accept RFID cashless payments anywhere. Most mobile phones have RFID/NFC readers built into them! Why not use them? Our apps let you do just that, perfect for vendors on the go and those needing a lower cost entry point into this technology. Our mobile apps also let you scan RFID tickets or QR codes for access into your event.

Don’t put that burden on your customers! Why would customers want to feel like they've already spent their money? RFIDify makes charges only as they happen, no pre-loading of funds.

Use on any computer browser, phone, or tablet. We don't force you to buy expensive proprietary hardware like the other vendors do.

We have 3rd party integrations such as Mailchimp and Constant Contact. Add registered RFID users automatically to your lists for targeted marketing. We are always looking for other integrations as well.

Seriously, that's all it takes. Sign up, connect your stripe account, and start accepting RFID cashless payments. 10 different currencies are supported!

RFIDify is partnered with as the payment provider. Stripe accounts are free, percentages are taken only when payments are accepted (similar to other online platforms).

Stripe offers state of the art fraud and dispute protection.

Stripe is one of the largest online payment providers, with powerful APIs that allow developers (like us) to build large, scalable software. Stripe has transparent price, and a stable platform like no other company out there.

Sign up for FREE today, and start using our platform in minutes. Start registering RFID tags and accept regular credit card payments as well.

RFIDify can be used in multiple countries. 10 Currencies supported - USD, EUR, CAD, AUD, GBP, CHF, SEK, NZD, MXN, and BRL. If your currency is not supported and you would like it to be, please contact us!

Our software being serverless is a big deal. It means we don't waste money provisioning servers or maintaining them. It also means that if our software is not being used, we don't incur many charges, which is how we can provide this amazing and disrupting platform for such a little cost to you. Serverless means the end company does not ever touch or use servers. Amazon Web Services manages the giant compute clusters, memory, and storage that power their serverless infrastructure that developers and companies can use.

Our database is serverless as well, using DynamoDB. It is the same database Amazon uses to power it's ecommerce platform. On Amazon Prime Day in 2017, Amazon saw DynamoDB tables getting 12.9 million requests per second with no bottleneck issues. We have continuous point-in-time recovery, with backups up to the second in granularity.

Why do we talk about this stuff? Sure it may be technical, but wouldn't you want to put your trust in a company who is open and transparent. Other RFID cashless companies are still requiring physical databases to be installed and managed on-site. YUCK! We know you don't want to deal with physical hardware and database management. Use our cloud based software and don't worry about a thing.

Works on any computer, phone, or tablet that can run a modern web browser.

Requires internet (it can work over your phone's data as well) as long as you have an internet connection, you can use our software. You would need internet at your event anyway if you were processing cards 🙂

Our software was originally built for day-of event registrations. You can also collect pre-registrations through users who already have an RFID tag, or users who want to pre-register and pick it up at the event.

Buy RFID products from us (wristbands on average around 60 cents each!) or buy them from someone else and use them on our platform! We don't care what you do, but we know you'll love our software.

Although wristbands are common for events, festivals, trade shows, etc, you are not limited to just wristbands. RFID can be embedded into almost anything. Stickers, wristbands, cards, keychains, and much more. Our software will work with whatever you decide to use!

We never ever store or save any credit card numbers in our database. All credit card information is processed directly by

Our serverless database is always encrypted by Amazon.

We have two-factor authentication as an optional level of security that you can turn on. Our two-factor authentication is based on a time-based one-time password (TOTP), using an app such as Google Authenticator, Authy, or any of your other favorite OTP apps.

We are so confident in our software that if you think you've found a bug, report it to us for the possibility to get free transaction credits.

*transaction credits are the 25 cent per transaction charges, and not related to fees.