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It all started in a small town with a big event. A yearly event that Kadin, the RFIDify founder helped volunteer with.

“We were looking for that next piece of the puzzle to grow their event that I was helping with”

How could we make the experiences difference for our attendees? Afterall, if you aren’t making changes, you are probably falling behind. Events that aren’t periodically making changes after more than 2 years can lose interest of repeat attendees.


That is where RFID wristbands and cashless payment technology came into play. Kadin was intrigued with RFID cashless payments specifically. After staying the weekend at a waterpark resort that utilized the cashless payment technology, he knew he needed to bring that to the event.


Immediately after that, he started reading about how the technology worked, and researching what companies were out there that offered these solutions. This is where the roadblocks started to appear.


Roadblock #1: There were several companies who offered solutions, but in the grand scheme of the internet, there were not many to choose from.

Roadblock #2: None of these companies had open or transparent pricing! There were no demos! They were ALL “please contact us for a demo” and “contact us for a price quote”. Why did no one offer a simple platform?

So, Kadin picked out the 2 most popular companies out there, and contacted them.

Company #1: “Your event is not large enough, RFID cashless payments would not make financial sense. Sorry”

A 2 day event with approximately 1,500 people who attend the first day, and 2,000 people who attend the second day is not a large enough event? WOW

Company #2: “Yes we are very interested, we think we can absolutely help you out. We want to make you a proposal and cover letter to show you what areas we will be able to help you in. Can we have your financial statements so we can put together a proposal?”

What? You need to see the financial statements and revenue before you can quote a price? After going back and forth and telling them the financials were not organized the best, and they wouldn’t be of any help, they ended up not quoting us a price.


It was at this point, Kadin KNEW there was a huge void in this RFID cashless payment space. One that hundreds or event thousands of events could benefit from.

RFIDify Was Born

After researching the features that various platforms had to offer, there were several issues with the current features of existing platforms. Kadin compiled all of those features, and began to also think about them from a user’s standpoint.


There were several problems with existing RFID cashless payment solutions. The biggest of the issues were:

  • Pricing was NOT transparent
  • They required pre-loading of funds onto the RFID wristband
  • They required top-up stations or an app that users had to re-load funds onto the RFID wristband if the funds got low or ran out
  • The software required databases and computers/servers to be present at the event
  • Some RFID cashless companies had proprietary hardware and software, that they wanted to sell and deploy at the event.
  • Using bits and pieces of RFID cashless from these companies while still using existing POS computers, or existing workflows seemed impossible. They wanted all or nothing integrated into their system.
  • Handling payments and a multi-vendor setup was complicated. (more on this below)

Kadin started developing RFIDify to solve all of these problems and then some. His goal was to build the best RFID cashless payment and RFID event ticketing solution out there.


RFIDify is FREE to sign up for, at any time. You do not have to contact anyone to sign up. You pay as you go, meaning if you only have 1 large event per year, you would only pay when transactions are happening during your event. Otherwise, your costs go back to $0.


There are NO top-up stations with RFIDify. If users opt-into using RFID cashless payments, but never end up charging any transactions, nothing was ever withdrawn or deposited back into their account. Charges happen in real-time on the card they registered with. This means there are also NO top-up stations! This is a burden that you should not have to put on your users.


RFIDify does not require any special hardware. We are 100% cloud based, built on modern serverless architecture that automatically scales. You can use any computer, laptop, phone, or tablet to run our software. You can be ready to sell tickets an accept RFID cashless payments in minutes.


RFIDify includes a built in POS (point of sale) that you can optionally use. One of the best features of RFIDify, is that you can still use your existing POS or workflow process if you have one implemented already. Running RFIDify alongside other POS’s is perfectly fine! Accepting RFID, credit card, and cash payments with the RFIDify POS has never been easier.


Solving a common use case many event coordinators have

Many events, festivals, and concerts, have many vendors (multi-vendor). How do you possibly orchestrate paying hundreds of vendors, and getting vendors being able to accept RFID cashless payments? Thankfully, the answer is NOW simple. Just use RFIDify.


RFIDify was built with this specific use case in mind. Each vendor registers separately, and connects their own Stripe account in order to get paid. The main event who was doing the ticket selling/wristband registration would create an “RFID Event” in RFIDify. They would then share the unique ID with vendors, and the vendors would join to be part of the RFID event. It’s as simple as that.


When the RFID event is going on, the vendors are able to accept the payments on behalf of any of the registered users that the main festival has. This allows each vendor to accept their own payments, and the festival NEVER has to worry about paying out to any vendor.


Taking payments to a whole new level – saving you money

Kadin kept thinking. At events, there are hundreds of transactions or thousands of transactions. Out of these transactions, how many are repeat purchases? A person arrives at an event, and decides to get some food before sitting down. During intermission, maybe they go grab more food, and grab an alcoholic beverage which may be located in a separate area. A person could easily have 3 to 8 transactions, maybe even more depending on the use case. And then think about if this is a multi-day event. There could be 8 more transactions the second day as well! How could we help people save money on per-transaction credit card fees?


The answer is simple yet again…use RFIDify! RFIDify was developed with 2 “modes” in mind. An authorize mode, and a finalize mode. You can control what fits your use case the best, and pick which mode you want to run in.


Authorize mode will perform the charge, and the bank guarantees the funds are there, and holds the charge. Your money at that point is guaranteed, BUT the transaction is not yet fully finalized, meaning you have not requested to transfer the money yet from their financial institution.


Finalize mode will perform the charge and immediately finalize it, meaning you are telling the bank you are ready to transfer the funds.


Authorize mode is nice, because this is where RFIDify will begin to save you money. In our example above, if there were 16 individual transactions, just the per-transaction fee alone would be $4.80. When you are ready to finalize a user’s transactions, RFIDify will attempt to aggregate the charges into 1 final charge instead of 16 individual charges. If successful, the per-transaction fee would become $.30 which is over a 90% savings in this particular example. If the aggregation charge fails, RFIDify will fall back and finalize each of the 16 individual charges.


We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about the journey of RFIDify. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We hope you will consider RFIDify for your RFID event ticketing and cashless payments for your festival, event, craft show, fair, bar, or anything else you decide to use it for!


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If you have any questions about RFIDify, please reach out. We KNOW we will become your greatest asset to your event!


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