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It all began with a small-town event that Kadin volunteered for. As he helped organize the festivities, he wondered how they could take it to the next level and create a better experience for attendees. He knew that events that don’t evolve can lose the interest of repeat attendees, so he was determined to find a way to innovate.



That’s when he stumbled upon RFID wristbands and cashless payment technology. He was particularly intrigued by RFID cashless payments, having experienced their convenience firsthand during a weekend stay at a waterpark resort. Kadin knew he had to bring this technology to the event.



However, his research revealed two major roadblocks. Firstly, there were few companies offering RFID cashless payment solutions. Secondly, the companies he did find had opaque pricing structures and required financial statements before providing a quote.



Kadin knew there was a gap in the market for an easy-to-use, transparent RFID cashless payment solution, and so he founded RFIDify. He identified the problems with existing solutions, such as the need for top-up stations and proprietary hardware and software, and set out to create a cloud-based platform that solved these issues.



With RFIDify, there are no top-up stations, and charges happen in real-time on the card users register with. The platform is free to sign up for and only charges when transactions occur. Plus, it’s built on modern serverless architecture that automatically scales and can be used on any device.



One of the key features of RFIDify is its ability to handle multi-vendor setups, which is common at events like festivals and concerts. Vendors can register separately and connect their own Stripe account to get paid. The main event creates an RFID Event on RFIDify and shares the unique ID with vendors, who can then join the event and accept payments on behalf of registered users.



In short, RFIDify is a user-friendly, affordable, and scalable solution that fills a void in the RFID cashless payment space. Thanks to Kadin’s determination and innovative spirit, events of all sizes can now benefit from this cutting-edge technology.


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If you have any questions about RFIDify, please reach out. We KNOW we will become your greatest asset to your event!


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