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Disrupting the RFID and cashless payment industry

General Questions

What do I need in order to use RFIDify?

Sign up FREE for our software, decide how you will use RFID technology such as RFID wristbands, stickers, cards, lanyards, etc. Design/purchase your RFID technology, and then figure out which RFID readers you will use. That’s it! If you have signed up for our software, have RFID tags, and readers, you are already ready to hit the ground running.

Tell me more about RFID tags and readers.

Our software does not care what kind of RFID tags you use, and for the most part we don’t care about the kind of reader you use. We recommend the rf IDEAS readers because they can be configured to read multiple types of RFID frequencies. You should use readers that emulate the keyboard and do not remove any bits of data. Contact us for more in depth information! It is preferrable that you purchase RFID tags through us as well, but it’s not required. The NTAG 213 is a popular chip to use, because it can be read by both iOS and Android devices (in the event you are using our mobile apps!)

How can users monitor their spending?

Emails are technically optional if registering users in person at the event. This is done through the RFIDify software. However, when users register their tags for cashless payments themselves, whether it is pre-registering and picking up the tag later, or registering a wristband they received before the event, the email field is required.

When they register, they will receive an email with a unique URL in the email, where they can visit at any time to view their spending in real time. This URL is their RFID dashboard. As long as no payments have been made yet, the person can also change their payment method.

Security Questions

Are RFID wristbands secure for cashless payments?

Yes! We utilize several security measures. If you purchase RFID tags through us, our tags chips are uniquely labeled and burned into read only memory on the chip. This identifier cannot be changed once burned into the chip.

Additionally, tags must be registered manually by the user for cashless payments. By default they will never be automatically registered. When you go to use your wristband to purchase something at an event, it is the event’s responsibility to verify your last name, to ensure it is the correct person using the wristband.

Wristbands purchased from us include a security clasp that cannot be slid down or taken off. Wristbands must be cut off in order to remove them from the wrist.

Once the event is over and users are closed out, wristbands become deactivated and cannot charge anymore payments (unless otherwise re-activated).

If you have any other specific questions, please do not hesitate to reach out!

Are wristband movements tracked throughout the event?

No, RFIDify is currently not in the business of tracking movements. We enjoy cool technology, but we also enjoy privacy as well! The frequency of the wristbands are a low, passive, and very short-range frequency. The wristbands are only activated by the readers, so unless they are waved directly at an entry point scanner, or placed directly against a reader to purchase something, the RFID chips are not active or doing anything.